Spring Spirits at Hawksworth Cocktail Bar

As spring and summer approach, so do many exciting, rare and delicious offerings from Hawksworth Cocktail Bar.

We have greatly expanded our Japanese Whisky program with some rare bottles straight from Japan; along with a few gems for our ever expanding American Whiskey portfolio, the depth of our back bar continues to grow deeper. Our Barrel Aged & Bottled Cocktail program continues to gain interest and variety with bottles featuring Rum, Gin, Bourbon, Mezcal, Tennessee Whiskey, Single Malt Whisky and Irish Whiskey all available and absolutely perfect for any memorable occasion. The spring/summer season will also see a greater focus in our extensive cocktail menu on fresh, delicate cocktails featuring rums, gins and agave spirits.

All of your liquid desires are well taken care of this spring and summer by Head Bartender Cooper Tardivel and the team at Hawksworth Cocktail Bar.