September means your local farmers market is ripe for the picking


If you’re not ready for fall, and are grasping at sunrays, we have a treat for you to make at home! Straight from our table to yours, Chef de Cuisine Kristian Eligh shares a fresh favourite that guarantees to keep summer at your table a little bit longer. This gorgeous dish is made with ingredients that you can pick up from your local farmers market; it’s simple, elegant and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

To kick things up a notch, Chef Kristian says, “You can add crab meat or poached prawns but it’s perfect on its own, too. The simplicity of the dish and the quality and flavour of sungold tomatoes at this time of year is what makes it special.”

The dish can be served family style on platters or can be plated individually for entertaining. Chef’s tip – it’s always best to buy local ingredients. Chef Kristian suggests sourcing tomatoes from Gabriel at Sapo Bravo Farms or Sole Food Farms and burrata from Cioffi’s or Les Amis Du Fromage.


Serves 4


600g sungold tomatoes

1 large ball of DOP Burrata cheese (approx. 200g)

8 large leaves of basil

1 tbsp Maldon Sea Salt

1 tbsp course cracked black pepper

1 tbsp chili flakes

1 tbsp Venturi-Schulze balsamic (or any nice aged balsamic that you may prefer)

2 tbsp Castelvetrano olive oil


 –        Slice all sungold tomatoes in half with serrated tomato knife

–        Season all tomatoes with salt, pepper, and chili

–        Arrange on plate or bowl with torn chunks of burrata cheese

–        Drizzle with olive oil and to balsamic and scatter with fresh torn basil

–        Serve chilled