Recipe File: Watermelon & Tomato Salad



Watermelon & tomato salad  jalapeño, goat cheese, black pepper vinaigrette
Serving size: 4


400gr sungold tomato
200gr watermelon (cubed 2cm x 2cm)
200gr goat cheese
40gr jalapeno (sliced as thin as possible)
8 large leaves of basil
1T maldon sea salt
1T course cracked black pepper
3T Black pepper vinaigrette

Black pepper vinaigrette
100ml chinese black vinegar
50ml balsamic
75ml mirin
30gr black pepper (crushed coarsely)
100ml olive oil
1T salt



Black pepper vinaigrette
– Combine all ingredients, shake vigorously, chill

Watermelon salad
– Slice all sungold tomatoes with serrated tomato knife in half and
– Dice watermelon into 2cm cubes
– Season all tomatoes and watermelon with salt and pepper
– Arrange on plate or bowl with torn chunks of goat cheese
– Drizzle with vinaigrette
– Scatter with fresh torn basil and jalapeno slices
– Serve chilled