Monday to Thursday from 3:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday to Saturday from 3:00pm – 10:00pm


west coast oysters 
mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon  4ea

east coast oysters 
mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon  4ea

caviar & kusshi oysters 
crème fraîche, lemon  6.5ea

northern divine caviar
crème fraîche, cornichon, capers, egg, chive, brioche  240

burrata toast
crushed english peas, mint, extra virgin olive oil, sourdough  25

baby back ribs 
garlic sesame glaze, roasted peanut, green onion  17

korean fried cauliflower, sesame, cilantro  13

sablefish rillette
compressed cucumber, sourdough  17

marinated olives
orange zest, olive oil, Italian seasoning  10


english pea soup
spot prawn, salmon roe, crème fraîche, croutons  19

pacific niçoise salad
albacore tuna, quail egg, green beans  24

baby beetroot salad
frisée, pistachio, whipped ricotta & goat cheese 24

seared foie gras
grape, walnut salsa, brioche  36

tuna tartare
avocado, peppers, chives, white soy  26

A5 wagyu tataki
daikon, shiso, pickled mushroom, ponzu  85

yakitori grilled octopus
kimchi, wakame salad, sesame  26


beef tenderloin
asparagus, pearl onion, fingerling potato, morel sauce  67

chicken piccata
roasted carrot, green beans, capers, brown butter sauce  39

roasted bone-in halibut  
cannellini bean, chorizo, celery  46

ricotta & herb ravioli
basil, parmesan, san marzano sauce  36

duck breast
charred apricot purée, roasted turnips, foie gras jus  48

braised lamb shank
heirloom baby carrot, lentil & fava bean ragout, gremolata  46

miso glazed sablefish 
snap peas, manila clam, consommé  59


artisanal bread
olive oil, maldon salt  7

mixed salad
puffed rice, classic dressing  9/13

crispy fingerling potatoes
confit in beef tallow, parsley  12

truffle fries
chives, parmesan, truffle  18

green asparagus
crispy garlic, lemon gremolata  15

sautéed mushrooms
wild & domestic mushrooms  12