Bar Menu

marinated olives
orange zest, olive oil, italian seasoning 10 

korean fried cauliflower, sesame, cilantro 13

croquetas de jamón
piquillo & harissa dip 14

baby back ribs
garlic sesame glaze, roasted peanut, green onion 16

local & imported cheese
choice of 3 or 5 selection of cheese, fig preserve, caramelized walnut, poached quince, grapes, watercress, melba 18/30

hawksworth classic burger
crispy bacon, onion ring, old cheddar, fries 25

truffle fries
chives, alba truffles 18

west coast oysters
mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon 4 each

east coast oysters 
mignonette cocktail sauce, lemon 4 each

sampling of macarons
dark chocolate, passion fruit, rose & lychee, raspberry, caramel, cockies & cream, 2.5 each