Monday-Friday from 11:30am to 10:00pm
Saturday-Sunday from 3:00pm to 10:00pm


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marinated olives  10

kfc  korean fried cauliflower, sesame, cilantro  12

cod croquette  lemon aioli  12

kusshi oysters  mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon  19.5/37

crab and shrimp toast  apple, celery, sourdough, sour cream  26

seafood platter  oysters, crab sunamono, mussels, scallop ceviche, mignonette, cocktail sauce  30

charcuterie platter  dried cured meat, terrine, pickles, mustard, grilled sourdough  24


roasted fennel & tomato soup  bruschetta, extra virgin olive oil  12

watercress and duck salad  watermelon, pomegranate, pistachio  22

tuna carpaccio  kohlrabi, watermelon radish, yuzu vinaigrette  26

steak tartare  hand cut, crispy garlic, potato chip, shallot, cornichon, capers   25


hawksworth classic burger  crispy bacon, onion ring, old cheddar, fries  24

brant lake wagyu burger  tomato jam, horseradish aioli, watercress, tomme, onion rings, fries  28

squash and mushroom agnolotti  oysters mushroom, squash hollandaise, cashew dukkah, sage   25

power bowl  brown rice, avocado, tomato, green bean, fermented carrots, charred lime  28

sablefish  dashi broth, shimeji, bok choy, black garlic, crispy onion  43

beef tenderloin 6oz  green bean, smoked marble potatoes, confit shallot, red wine jus  53

farm crest chicken supreme  brussels sprouts, yams, rapini, dark jus  36

pacific halibut  roasted fig, fennel, smoked eggplant, meurette sauce  41

aged yarrow meadows duck breast  nectarine, chanterelle, summer squash  49

Sides and Salads

artisanal bread  olive oil, maldon salt  7

green bean  tahini, roasted peanuts  9

mixed salad  9/12

smoked marble potato  confit shallot  9

roasted corn, chanterelle mushroom  12

truffle fries  16

grilled rapini  chili and garlic  9


caramel cardamom pot de creme  vanilla bean breton, soft salted caramel, whipped creme fraiche  12

condensed milk ice cream  red fruit, aerated white chocolate  12

warm chocolate cake  candy cocoa nib, chocolate sorbet  12

poached nectarines  almond and mascarpone  12

a sampling of macarons  dark chocolate, caramel, elderflower strawberry, passionfruit, pandan, rose  2 each

selection of local and imported cheese choice of 3 or 5 of cheese, fruit preserve, pickle, walnut, crisps, micro sorels  18/25