Memphis in May

Chef Hawksworth took an inspirational trip to the American deep South last month to experience the 2014 Memphis in May festival and the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.  This annual competition draws over 250 teams from across North America who fire up their grills to compete in multiple categories including best pork ribs, best pork shoulder and best whole hog.

“The passion and determination by all of the competitors was impressive to witness,” said Chef Hawksworth, who was blown away that most who entered are not chefs by trade, but instead individuals that practice with their teams year round for barbeque events.

Unlike most competitions that Chef Hawksworth has seen in the past, where aspects are standardized, he noted a distinct lack of restrictions on the supplier of meat, type of wood used to barbeque and cooking techniques which allowed a large wide variety of dishes to be served.  After throughly enjoying the festival,  Chef and friends headed down the world famous Beel Street to enjoy a classic Mint Julep at the Peabody Hotel and take in the Memphis’ classic blues music.