Meet Hawksworth Restaurant Bartender Jenna Gillespie



To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we are shining a spotlight on some of the incredibly talented and hardworking women who make up our Hawksworth Restaurant Group family. Comprising almost half of our team, women play an important role in our operations; we take this day to recognize and praise their achievements.

If you stop by the Hawksworth Restaurant lounge, bartender Jenna Gilespie will often be the welcoming face behind the bar. Joining the Hawksworth bar team team in July 2019, Jenna has been integral to upholding the high level of customer service synonymous with the restaurant and bar, while also bringing lightness and laughter to her position. Moving to British Columbia with her family from Ontario at a young age, Jenna has since lived on the North Shore. Her first introduction to bartending came when the bar team at the restaurant she was serving at was short staffed. It was a natural fit and Jenna has since held bartending positions at various establishments in Vancouver for over 10 years. 



Being a naturally born extrovert with a lively personality, Jenna finds the opportunity to meet and get to know new individuals who visit the bar energizing. She loves sharing aspects of her own life and in return learning about the complexities of others. Jenna is adaptable to different personalities and enjoys the multitasking element that comes with bartending. Being a part of the Hawksworth bar team allows Jenna to really get to know guests, being involved in their entire experience from the moment they walk through the door. 

Along with her conversational skills and “gift of the gab”, Jenna also differentiates herself from other bartenders in the city with her Hawksworth tie of the week. Choosing a different tie to showcase each week, often donated by friends and family, Jenna is able to creatively express her outgoing personality. She also represents herself with the cocktails she creates, loving strong, spirit forward drinks that showcase bold yet balanced flavours. Jenna is currently enjoying experimenting with mezcal, with a drink in the works for the Hawksworth menu that features hibiscus syrup she infuses herself. 

When Jenna isn’t behind the bar, she loves spending time with her friends and family exploring up and coming hotspots, drawing inspiration from different bars and restaurants in Vancouver. Jenna also spends quality time with her cat named Manhattan. Finding inspiration from female bartenders around the world, she is excited by the talent within the industry. The next spot on her list of places to visit, New York City.