Cocktails To-Go

Enjoy some of our Hawksworth’s fans favourite classic cocktails at home! Cocktails are professionally prepared by our bartenders here at the Hawksworth bar. Choose your favourite glassware, pour on ice and enjoy!


Hawksworth White Negroni  (3 servings)
beefeater gin, douglas fir infused noilly pratt, suze, honey water, grapefruit bitters

The Last Campfire (Old Fashioned) (3 servings)
maker’s mark, famous grouse smoky black, lavender bitters, angostura bitters, gomme

The Bison and The Teacup (2 servings)
zubrowka vodka, vanille du madagascar, laird’s applejack, lemon juice, jasmine green tea, cardamom bitters

Poco a Poco – Easy Easy (2 servings)
lime infused grey goose poire, ginger of the indies, orange peel honey water, soda water

Water, Melon, Sunshine & Shade (2 servings)
watermelon infused bombay east, noilly prat dry, watermelon syrup, cilantor, lime cordial, ginger bitter, soda water

Full Moon Light (3 servings)
sake, absolut,creme de violette, maraschino, pernod

Han the Cherry Matten (3 servings)
lot 40 rye, luciano amaro, maraschino, cherry bitters, simple syrup, applewood smoke


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