Chef de Cuisine Kristian shares his best BBQ tips

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Just picked up your favourite cut of meat or some fish for the BBQ and are not really sure what to do with it? Chef Kristian shares his top summertime grill tips so you can cook with confidence this August.

1.) Wear sunscreen.

2.) Have a beer in hand.

3.) Always allow time to ‘season your grill’. Turn the grill to high and let it burn for 10 minutes, brush and then lightly oil the grill, adjust heat to desired cooking temperature.

4) Always ensure that meat in marinades containing oil and fat have been scraped off as best as possible to avoid flare ups on grill

5.) Always allow your meat or fish to be tempered and brought to room temperature before you begin grilling.

6.) Boost the taste of your simple BBQ offering by using flavoring techniques such as reserving marinade.  Just bring your leftover marinade to a boil on the stove top and then reapply it to the meat with a brush throughout the cooking process. Finish any meat, pork or chicken by drizzling with citrus and fresh herbs.

7.) Many recipes recommend brining meat or chicken prior to cooking process. Ensure the BBQ isn’t running too hot for these recipes as they usually contain high amounts of sugar that could potentially burn.