Celebrate at home with Hawksworth Catering

Planning a party at home for the holidays? Hawksworth Catering can help you make it a seasonal success, whether you need some creative canapés for a small get-together or a full-scale feast for a big family event. Customized catering can cover everything from cool cocktail parties, to delicious dinner menus or a lunchtime soiree. Let Hawksworth Restaurant help you at home during the holidays with any last-minute parties you’re planning with family and friends.

No event is too big or too small – services are available to suit your venue and budget, email or call 604.605.3325 ext 1 for more information.

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Holiday Hours



We hope that you’ll be able to join us over the holiday season with family and friends, whether it be for lunch, dinner or cocktails. Please note we are open every evening for regular dinner service with a special Holiday Tasting Menu and New Year’s Eve Menu.

Hawksworth Restaurant
Dec 24 – Regular Hours
Dec 25 – Breakfast 6:30am-11:00am, Lunch – Closed
Dec 26 – Regular Hours

Dec 31 – Regular Hours
Jan 1 – Breakfast 6:30am-10:30am, Brunch 10:30am-2:00pm
Jan 2 – Regular Hours

Hawksworth Cocktail Bar
Dec 24 – Regular Hours
Dec 25 – 5:00pm to late
Dec 26 – Regular Hours

Bel Café
Dec 25 – Closed
Jan 1 – Closed

Elevate your holiday party with Hawksworth Catering

Whether you’re planning a party in the boardroom of your boutique business or an event in the HQ of an international corporation, the versatile team at Hawksworth Catering can elevate your office festivities. From customized canapés with cocktails or complete menus using the best of seasonally available ingredients our versatile team comes prepared to create a party in any space. For a truly outstanding and memorable holiday our professional team can assist with recommending event decorators, entertainment, and photographers we trust to make your event stand out.




If you haven’t begun thinking about your holiday party, now is the time. To discuss your options get in touch with our team at events@hawksworthrestaurant.com or 604.605.3325 ext1.



Here they come – the holidays


Maureen Wilson

The owner of Vancouver’s successful Sweat Co. Workout Studios she is one of Canada’s most sought-after and dynamic fitness professionals. Earning the respect of her peers and gaining a dedicated following with her expertise and innovative approach to fitness; Maureen is an international presenter; ACE-certified personal trainer, instructor and CEC provider; BCRPA Trainer of Leaders and Spinning instructor.

Today she is sharing her tips to stay at the peak of health during the holiday season.


How To Have Your Cake (or plum pudding) And Eat It Too.

I’m as perplexed as you are, the year is getting shorter! The holiday season has stretched out from mini chocolate bars in October (c’mon, you bought a bag before Halloween and polished them off!)  to staff/holiday parties beginning in November and running through January. This is definitely the toughest time of the year to stick to your healthy diet and exercise regime. How do you enjoy the pleasures of good food, wine and desserts without sabotaging your sweat equity? We all know there is nothing as unjolly as weird cleanses, tortuous diets and mysterious food replacements. Now is the time to build a strategy that will take you all the way through to the singing of Auld Land Syne!

Plan ahead for luxury meals and events

Look at your calendar and highlight the days you’ll be eating out or attending a special event where you won’t have control of the menu. You can plan ahead by making good food choices in the days leading up to the event. Bump up the fruits and vegetables, choose lower fat meals and drink plenty of water. This is also a good time to pre-book your fitness sessions on the calendar so you won’t be tempted to push them aside when things get hectic. Remember the old saying; “A goal without a plan is just a dream!”

Never arrive hungry

Especially if you are attending a cocktail party. It takes quite a few of those tiny, delicious calorie-laden morsels to fill you up! Have a healthy snack ahead of time and you’ll be less likely to gorge on hundreds of unwanted calories before dinner.

Stay hydrated

Wine, cocktails and epicurean delights will be flowing. Be sure to hydrate ahead of time to balance the extra salt, fat and alcohol intake. Plus you’ll be less likely to have a hangover if you can discipline yourself to have one drink followed by one glass of water; a great way to cut back on calories and still enjoy yourself (and the next day)!

Practise conscious consumption

Cheese, crackers, dips and other foods of abandon! It would be torture to say those holiday comfort foods are off-limits but you must choose wisely. Take your time (this is when that pre-party healthy snack pays off), scan the food table, and only pick foods/treats you love the most. Now savour every bite and resist the urge for seconds (and thirds).


The holidays are wonderful – and exhausting! Squeezing in that seven or eight hour dream-fest can be challenging.   Many studies suggest getting enough sleep will help to regulate fat loss. One explanation might be that sleep duration affects the hormones (ghrelin and leptin) that regulate hunger and stimulate the appetite. Another theory is that lack of sleep leads to fatigue and results in less physical activity. There’s no doubt food, fun and alcohol can trip up your sleep patterns. Take the time to recharge your batteries. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your health, well-being and most importantly to your enjoyment of life.

Strawberries & Champagne


Every October restaurants and cafes across British Columbia join together in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation of BC’s Tickled Pink campaign. Bel Café is taking part again, this year by donating 50% of the sale of every Strawberry & Champagne macaron to support research in our province. Think pink and try one with your morning coffee or show your support by gifting a full box of nine!

Chef Kozinko’s Elderflower, Orange, Cranberry Verrine



Elderflower, Orange, Cranberry Verrine – 10 portions
by Chef Wayne Kozinko


Impress your family and friends with this multi-layered dessert at the Thanksgiving table this year. For those that are feeling adventurous we’ve identified two advanced steps for a seasoned pastry chef, special ingredients can be purchased locally at specialty food stores or online at www.modernistpantry.com.

Our pro tip is to prepare the different components of this dessert the day before your big dinner and combine right before you serve.


Orange Gelle – base layer

14oz Orange juice, strained

4oz  Simple syrup (1:1 ratio)

4      Sheets gelatine, bloomed

Combine syrup and juice, bring just to the boil. Add bloomed gelatine, and then whisk to dissolve.

Pour 1.5oz  into ten 8oz glasses, allow to set in cooler.


Elderflower Custard – second layer

4 cups Milk

1/4 cups + 2 Tbsp Corn starch

1C cup Egg yolks

1 Vanilla pod, scraped

1/3 cups Sugar

1/3 cups Butter, soft

4oz Elderflower cordial

Combine milk, and vanilla bring to a simmer. Combine yolks, sugar and starch. Temper milk into yolk mixture and bring to a full boil. Pass and chill over ice bath to 50 C, using stick blender add butter to combine, chill overnight then add cordial.


Chiffon Cake – third layer

1 cups Cake flour

1 1/3 cups Sugar

½ tsp Baking soda

¼ tsp Salt

3.5 oz Grape seed oil

4.5 oz Egg yolks

10.5 oz Egg whites

5.4 oz Water

1 oz  Lemon juice

1 Lemon zest

¾ tsp Tartar

Combine flour, 1 cup of the sugar, salt, soda then sift. Add yolks, juice, water, oil, zest and blend to just incorporate. Prepare meringue with whites and remaining sugar. Bake at 325 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes.


Orange Compote 

1/3 cups Sugar

17 oz Orange juice

3.5oz Passion fruit juice

1 Orange zest

1/2 Cinnamon, stick, crushed

1/2 Vanilla pods

25 small orange segments

In a pot prepare a dry caramel with sugar, deglaze with juice and puree. Add remaining items, bring to a simmer then reduce by 50%. Chill overnight and then toss with orange segments.


Anise Poached Cranberry

9 0z Water

1/2 cup Sugar

2 Star anise

1 cup Cranberry

Combine water, sugar, and star anise in a pot. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a low simmer, add cranberries. Simmer till fruit is tender, remove from heat and chill over ice.


Aerated Cranberry – advanced layer

1 cups Cranberry

8 oz Simple syrup

1 tsp Versa whip 600k

1/8 tsp Xanthan gum

Combine fruit and syrup, cover and bring to a simmer. Cook till fruit bursts, using blender puree and pass to obtain a smooth puree. Chill over ice bath, add powders and stir to combine. Using stand mixer, whip to desired consistency.


Cranberry Fluid Gel – advanced garnish

10.5 oz Cranberry juice

7 oz Simple syrup

1/3 cup Cranberry

1.5 tsp Agar agar

1/8 tsp Locust bean gum

Combine powder and blend, combine liquids then slowly whisk in powder. Let stand 10 minutes then bring to a full boil, cook 2 minutes then remove from heat and chill overnight. Dice set gel in small cubes, then using blander, blend smooth.

Chef Hawksworth elevates Air Canada’s food offerings to new heights


Chef David Hawksworth is proud to partner with Air Canada to design signature dishes that will be exclusively featured on Air Canada flights in International Business Class and in its Maple Leaf Lounges beginning this fall.

Chef Hawksworth has been working with Air Canada’s flight caterers to create a selection of mouth-watering mains and delicious desserts that take his personal philosophy of contemporary Canadian cuisine to new heights.

“As a proud Canadian brand, we see the opportunity to showcase the very best of Canadian-influenced menus designed by one of Canada’s most respected and award-winning Chefs,” said Craig Landry, Vice-President, Marketing at Air Canada.

Appetizer highlights include yellowfin tuna tataki, poached prawns, smoked trout or smoked duck breast. Creative options for mains include tamari roasted sablefish or grilled chicken with chickpea panisse, asparagus and chimmichurri. A dark chocolate fondant paired with blackberry compote is the sweet treat for dessert.

“My team and I are relishing the unique challenge of developing dishes that can be enjoyed at 35,000 feet,” says Chef David Hawksworth. “It’s an honour and a pleasure to be invited by Air Canada to share my concept of Canadian cuisine and to create compelling dishes for their passengers that will showcase the very best of our region. I look forward to taking my personal culinary philosophy to new heights with Air Canada.”



Hawksworth Catering for Christmas


For a truly outstanding and memorable holiday event, consider Hawksworth Restaurant’s catering services. Our professional team can assist with locating the perfect space for your group, planning a custom menu reflecting the best of what’s seasonally available, and recommending event decorators, entertainment, and photographers we trust to make your event stand out.

If you haven’t begun thinking about your holiday party, now is the time, as event spaces are booking up quickly. Get in touch with the Hawksworth Catering team at events@hawksworthrestaurant.com or 604-605-3325 extension 1 for more information.


#BrunchClub is back


It’s back — #BrunchClub is here for the Labour Day weekend on Saturday, Sunday and holiday Monday. Not sure what #BrunchClub is all about?


Post about your #BrunchClub experience on your favourite social network, show your server and your dining companion will receive a complimentary brunch dish!


Tweet us @HawksworthRest or mention the hashtag on Instagram and you’ll get this great sweet or savoury deal!


Canada, here are your top eight young chefs


Four heats, 37 competitors and the highest amount of applications we’ve ever seen… this year’s Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship has been our busiest year yet and we’re proud to reveal the talented top eight competitors whom will be battling it out at the Vancouver Community College on September 12 to win $10,000 and an international stage.


Thanks to our all of our sponsors, including TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege, Gordon Food Service and Le Creuset, for making this year’s competition such a success and inspiring the next generation of young Canadian chefs.


We kicked off the competition at George Brown College in Toronto on May 26, where the first of our finalists Stephen Baidacoff (27, Georgetown, ON) and Marvin Palomo (22, Markham, ON) came out on top, winning the praise of the judges and a spot in the final each. Stephen used his eclectic experience – from cooking progressive Canadian cuisine in Edmonton to his current role at the Michelin starred restaurant in New York, Eleven Madison Park, to create spice roasted lamb loin with onion petals, pickled potato wedge and thyme oil. Marvin also comes from a background that includes many influences; from a five-month stage in Piedmont, Italy at the Michelin-starred La Contea Di Nieve with Chef Claudia Verro to his position at Toronto’s Dailo restaurant, where he creates new Asian cuisine under Chef Nick Lui. His dish of sous vide lamb loin with fava bean puree and balsamic lamb jus won him the second spot in the finals.


Vancouver Community College was the location for our BC heat on June 9 and Taiwanese born Kevin Tang (28, Vancouver, BC), now of the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver, took the winning spot with his pan seared lamb loin with spiced sabayon and roasted cauliflower puree. Keith Hodgson (24, Summerland, BC) from the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, took the second spot with his honey glazed lamb loin, cauliflower, roasted king oyster mushrooms, crispy garlic and cumin garlic emulsion.


Our search for the nation’s most talented chefs continued with our Calgary heat on June 13 at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where our two youngest finalists impressed the judges with their dishes. Sean MacDonald (24, Calgary, AB) of Market Restaurant showed the European influences from his travels with his winning onion milk sous-vide eye of lamb short loin with celery potato puree, pickled caramelized leeks, celery salad, pickled mustard seeds and sauce espagnole. Ian MacDougall (23, Calgary, AB) also brought a continental flair, having spent four years in England – most recently a year at the award-winning Five Fields in London – and his roast loin of lamb, olive oil poached tenderloin, charred eggplant, spinach gnocchi, shallot, fava bean and jus gras showed the high level of skill developed in his Chef de Partie role at Calgary’s renowned Model Milk.


New for this year was the popular Montreal heat for eastern Canada, held on July 29 at the Quebec Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. Cynthia Iaboni (26, Montreal, QC) blew away the judges with her lamb in brodo with gnocchi, eggplant puree, fava beans and asparagus tips, which showed off her fine dining background at Montreal’s Restaurant Le Serpent with Chef Michele Mercury and Bouillon Bilk with Chef Francois Nadon. Montréal resident Alec Fraser (23, Calgary, AB) of Toque!, previously also of Model Milk, took the final spot with his lamb short loin crusted with leek ash, spring vegetables and charred lemon emulsion.


Congratulations to our eight deserving finalists and we look forward to seeing them cook again in the black box challenge at Vancouver Community College on September 12. Judges Chef Mark McEwan (The McEwan Group), Chef Normand Laprise (Toque! and Brasserie T!), Chef Scott Jaegar (The Pear Tree), Chef Anthony Walsh (Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants), and Chefs David Hawksworth and Kristian Eligh (Hawksworth Restaurant Group) will be joined by food critics Jacob Richler (Canada’s 100 Best), Marie-Claude Lortie (La Presse) and Alexandra Gill (Globe & Mail) to choose the winner of the 2015 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship.