Daily from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Seating is available at a first come, first served basis during Cocktail Hour, and only at the Hawksworth Bar & Cocktail Lounge.


feature cocktail (2oz)  10
ask your bartender

beer  6
modelo especial, lager


cocktails  7

negroni  beefeater gin, cinzano rosso, campari

house highball  well spirit, mixer

aperol spritz  aperol, sparkling wine, soda

old fashioned  old forester bourbon, sugar, angostura

martini  absolut or beefeater

daiquiri  havana club 3yr, lime, sugar


wine  10/50

18 carmen . wave series . sauvignon blanc . casablanca valley . chi

20  laroche . syrah-grenache . pays d’oc . fra



b&b  hawksworth classic burger with choice of beverage – old fashioned or modelo  22

oysters – 1/2 dozen  apple granita, pickled chili  12

sablefish rillette  compressed cucumber, sourdough  12

baby back ribs  garlic sesame glaze, roasted peanut, green onion  12

‘KFC’  korean fried cauliflower, sesame, cilantro  12

marinated olives  orange zest, olive oil, chili, crispy garlic  7