moosehead, lager
341ml saint john, can 8.5

four winds, elementary lager
355ml delta, can 8.5

czechvar, pilsner
500ml ceske budejovice, czech rep. 11.5

fernie project 9 pils, pilsner
355ml fernie, can 8.5

off the rail psycle path, lager
355ml vancouver, can 8.5

33 acres of ocean, west coast pale ale
330ml vancouver, can 9.5

four winds, wild saison
355ml delta, can 8.5

steamworks heroic, red ale
330ml vancouver, can 9

steamworks flagship ipa, hazy ipa
330ml  vancouver, can  9

red truck ale, brown ale
355ml  vancouver, can 9

deschutes fresh squeezed, ipa
355ml portland, usa 12

philips  electric unicorn, white ipa
355ml victoria, can 8.5

leffe blonde, belgium pale ale
330ml dinant, bel 11

postmark, stout
473ml vancouver, can 9

four winds, oat porter
330ml delta, can 9.5

magner’s original cider
500ml tipperary, ire 12

warsteiner (non-alcoholic)
330ml warstein, ger 8.5