Luke O’Toole

Bar Manager

Imagination and creativity fuel Luke O’Toole’s passion behind the bar at Hawksworth. His incredible resume winds its way through some of central London’s leading cocktail bars before arriving in Vancouver. Furthermore, studying for a chemistry degree at York University (UK) has allowed him to understand the science of mixology and to apply his formal education in a uniquely social atmosphere.

O’Toole’s award winning drink ‘Cocktail of Two Cities’ demonstrates his flair for originality; combining the elegance and sophistication of the London cocktail scene with the rugged, natural beauty of Vancouver, the sensory experience includes gin infused with Stanley Park-sourced spruce tip, local juices and bitters served in delicate English glassware over a vase of Vancouver forage and sound, seamlessly showcasing the character of his two beloved cities through the inventive cocktail.

At Hawksworth he continues to preserve the restaurant’s legacy as an international cocktail destination while enhancing the program by adding his individual style and distinctive approach to the craft.