Johnny Southwell

Assistant General Manager

Johnny’s love for food, travel and experiencing new cultures have taken him all over the world. Trying some of the most genuine and warmest hospitality in people’s homes, on the streets, and in high-end restaurants has helped him develop and evolve his understanding of hospitality. From an early age growing up in Oxford, UK, where his father was a lecturer, he got the opportunity to dine in some of the colleges surrounded by incredible history, grand architecture, and wonderful food and wine. Johnny spent most of his time traveling, and on his travels, interacting with new cultures, food, and hospitality. He quickly learned that dining should be an expression of people, place, and passion. It needs to be memorable, yet humble, while relevant to its surrounding and tells a story. Johnny has been lucky enough to work in London, Manchester, Hong Kong, and now Vancouver where all the different people and cultures have fed his passion and understanding of hospitality and he’s grateful for that. Johnny looks forward to bringing these experiences to his time at Hawksworth.