Cooper Tardivel

Head Bartender

Leading the team at Hawksworth Cocktail Bar, Nova Scotia-born Cooper Tardivel’s personal mantra is “you’re only as good as your last drink”, which underscores the compelling and dynamic cocktail program that anchors the venue as one of the leading cocktail bars in the city.

A proud member of the team behind Hawksworth Cocktail Bar being the first and only bar outside of the US to be recognized with the prestigious the Seal of the Sazerac by Tales of the Cocktail, Cooper travelled to New Orleans in 2011 to accept the award that recognizes technique and consistency in the preparation of this romantic, historical cocktail “ we show deep respect for each ingredient and allow them to shine in the spotlight and speak to the drinker,” he shares, adding “the Sazerac lives as deep in any bartender’s soul as any cocktail could”.

Before joining the team at Hawksworth Cooper honed his bartending skills all over the world from top spots in Halifax, Mexico, Fiji and Australia. As a result, Cooper won Best Bartender in Halifax (Coast Magazine) on two separate occasions. Through his role as manager of the acclaimed cocktail club Mosaic Social Dining Lounge, Cooper visited Vancouver in 2011 where he first met David Hawksworth; drawn by his vision Cooper decided to move across the country to become part of the restaurant’s opening team in May 2011.

“Bartending is about more than mixing a good drink,” says Cooper. “A good bartender should be able quickly understand a guest’s needs, offer them good conversation and beverages tailored to their taste, all whilst managing the energy of the room.”

Cooper’s passion and dedication to the cocktail continues to shine at Hawksworth, his immense pride in crafting modern and classic seasonal cocktails with the greatest attention to detail is shown through his placing in the Diageo World Class National Finals twice and as the West Regional Winner in 2015.