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recipe – english pea soup

serves 4

400g english peas
100g spinach
50g cilantro
3 tsp olive oil
30g shallot – slivered
10g garlic – slivered
1L chicken stock
250-500ml water
To taste – salt
To taste – yuzu juice

Crème fraiche – source from your local market or cheese monger
Fresh wasabi root

For crab:
1-2lb Dungeness crab
4L boiling salted water

method for crab

1) place live crab in rapid boiling water
2) cook for 12 minutes
3) remove crab into ice bath and reserve
4) remove crab meat from shell
5) reserve meat into spoon sized pieces and place in fridge


1) bring a large pot of water to a boil, generously seasoned with salt
2) gather an ice bath
3) place peas, spinach and cilantro in boiling salted water, blanch for 60 seconds and strain
4) submerge strainer into ice bath and shock peas, spinach and mint to help maintain green colour and stop cooking process
5) in separate pot, sweat shallots and garlic on medium heat, until translucent
6) add stock to pot and simmer for 10 minutes
7) remove from heat and chill stock completely
8) remove peas, spinach and mint from ice water and squeeze residual water out
9) once cold, blend stock with peas, spinach and mint
10) use water to adjust to desired consistency
11) season with salt to desired taste


1) artfully arrange crab in soup bowl with fresh herbs and dollops of crème fraiche, rasp fresh wasabi into the bowl using micro plane
2) heat up soup in pot until it comes to the boil, adjust seasoning last second with fresh yuzu juice to taste
3) serve immediately

Brains Behind the Nightingale Bar


Meet Rhett Williams, the day lead at the Nightingale bar. With a diverse background in music, film and chemistry; Williams’ creativity naturally led him into the art of mixology at a young age. As a talented writer, Williams wrote about his passion which included spirits, cocktails and their history for several websites before ending up showcasing his flair behind the bar. His journey includes managing the bar program at Pourhouse and setting drinks on fire at the Shameful Tiki Room.



Meet Alex Black, the evening lead of the Nightingale bar. Having honed his skills in hospitality and bartending for over 15 years, Black has worked under well-known umbrellas such as the Donnelly and Glowbal group. Dedicated to his craft, Black has also participated in many Pacific Northwest’s most prized bar programs and events as well as acquiring an impressive list of certifications and personal awards.

Don’t let all this talent go to waste, visit us for a cocktail at Nightingale!

Top Eight Advances to National Finals this Fall


Each of competitors were given identical ingredients and allowed two hours in the kitchen to inspire the taste buds of the judges. Some of this year’s ingredients included whole rabbit, double-smoked bacon, fresh herbs and a wide selection of fresh produce and dairy products. Four identical main course plates had to be completed within the two-hour time period or marks were deducted from the final score. Main course plates had to represent an a la carte sized portion with the inclusion of 120 grams of protein, one starch garnish, two vegetable garnishes and one sauce.


We kicked off the competition in Calgary at the SAIT kitchen, naming Alex Edmonson as the heat winner. Recently starting his own personal chef service, Edmonson showed the esteemed panel of judges that he was ready to ready to vie for national title by executing his stuffed rabbit saddle with in-depth skill and finesse. Securing second was Coleman Everest from MARKET with his ‘Schnitzel & Spatzle’.


Heading back to our hometown, Vancouver, the second heat of the competition was held at Vancouver Community College. Alex Hon from West Restaurant impressed the judges with his trio of rabbit and following in close second was Corey Hess from Royal Dinette with his assiette of rabbit.


We continued our search for top young culinary talent in Montreal. Being only the second year the competition has been extended to this city, the talent pool was strong. Producing the ever difficult, rabbit en croute, Massimo Piedimonte from Le Mousso solidified his place as the heat winner when the dish came out perfectly.  Ritchie Nguyen from Maison Publique also cemented his position in the national finals with his dish, Rabbit Ballantine.





Our last destination to round up the final 8, was Toronto. Returning contestant, Stephen Baidacoff whom works as a private chef, continued to amaze the panel of judges with his elevated focus and determination. He won the heat with his roasted rabbit and cappellacci with leek. Not far behind, securing the last position in the finals with crusted rabbit loin and rabbit tart was Alex Nacinovich from Restaurant Bosk.


Congratulations to all competitors! The national finale will be taking place on September 17 at Vancouver Community College. The final eight will use mystery ingredients from a black box, which will be revealed only moments before the competition clock begins to countdown. The winner, chosen by a prominent panel of Canadian chefs and food critics, will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship, international stage